Punk Rock Girl Guitar Pick Necklace


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Get ready to crank that amp right up to 11! This main attraction needs no introduction, we can feel the rebellious rock star power from here…

Bold, badass boom is delivered by 12 jet-black guitar picks drilled and featuring stainless-steel rings all around. The necklace is designed into a graduating bib style with cascading chain and little black beads. This unique piece was hand-made – yes, it took quick a few hours – with lots of care, love and all the rock ‘n’ roll passion you can imagine, it certainly bears the hallmarks worthy of all the world’s metal rebelles!

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12 black guitar picks, each drilled and secured with 9 stainless-steel rings
Stainless-steel chain
Black plastic beads
Fit: 17.5” in length, with a 2.75” stainless-steel extender chain