As a brand, Kitsch Picks is all about individuality; daring to be bold and proud in your unique style. So, when we discovered The Poulettes Sisters, we needed to get involved – their badass pin-up vibe is something that fits our kooky, fierce female persona to perfection.

A sisterhood evoking pure delicious 1950’s flare, this go-getting girl gang have the most awesome Hell Hand logo – and their unique plectrums to match. As Anne-Andrea (one of the Poulettes) said “It is inspired by the ‘Hell Yeah’, the sign of the horns used in rock and metal concerts, but in female form, with red nails – the symbol of glamour and of the term ‘pin-up’”. Obviously, this was a match made in fashion and musical heaven, ladled with lashings of cool rock-chick attitude that screams ‘Power to metal pin-up women’!

The amazing face behind the brand is Anne-Andrea, who’s been a professional stylist for the last 18 years – check out the Poulettes’ website and you’ll see just how much it shows!

We just love the whole vibe this brand embodies; their focus on the power and strength of women, so brilliantly captured in their original and offbeat designs. Poulettes Sisters, we salute you!