Kitsch Picks was born from our sheer love of music and all things relating to its euphoric roots. A concept that has been rocking our world for many years, which began back in London, is now brought to life from our home, nestled in the south of  beautiful Malta.

From the epic wah-wah fueled lick that opens Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Voodoo Child’ (which is quite possibly the greatest guitar solo of all time) to the six-string masterpiece of The Beatles’ classic ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’, we are crazy for all good music featuring the greatest tool in the industry; the guitar!

Also playing a part in the Kitsch Picks symphonic dream becoming a reality is the fact that one half of us is a guitarist, singer, with musical roots that go back quite a few years. The other half is just crazy for music, jewelry, fashion, music, and anything kool. And did I mention music?!

Rocking designs, made by hand

Every Kitsch Picks piece is inspired by music, created entirely by hand, and made for everyone; Rock Chicks, Kool Dudes and Pretty Young Things. Many of the designs are unique; rarely offering the same design twice. Similar maybe, but certainly not identical unless specifically requested – but remember, as each piece is made by hand there’ll always be little differences. However, some designs are here to stay! And, where designs are the same but with different guitar picks, the prices are dependent on cost and rarity of the pick being used.

There is no factory line process where your design is being churned out, conveyer-belt style. That just wouldn’t be ‘kool’! We inject a whole load of originality, relished with rock, while creating something that we hope will be as unique to you as it is special to us.

An array of quality materials come together to light up the Kitsch Picks’ stage. Our pieces are made from a selection of stainless steel, sterling silver and Tibetan silver, leather and suede, and adorned with feathers, beads, tassels, charms, spikes, and of course the holy grail of almost every guitarist; the plectrum.

Express yourself

Whether you want something with your favorite musician, movie icon or animated character, we are sure to have what you’re looking for. And if you love the plectrum and the association to music it evokes, but prefer something classic, simple and understated, we have that, too!

What’s your kinda kool?

Taking centre stage in nearly every unique, original piece is the plectrum; the sacred tool for almost every guitarist on the planet. From bracelets, earrings and necklaces, to keyrings, pin badges and belly bars, we have an all-singing all-dancing range of fabulous designs to choose from.