Leaf Skeleton Necklace


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Can you see the pattern? It’s all around this intricately fierce little beauty! Where to begin…

A neatly wound guitar-string wheel provides the setting for a curiously entwined brass Teckpick plectrum. Stainless-steel wire weaves in, out and around, giving centre stage to a pair of carved skulls, adorned by red, black and steel beads. A little warmth is introduced by a quirky gold-tone textured leaf. This killer pendant hangs from black soft faux-suede cord that fastens into a sliding knot, allowing you to simply slip it on and adjust it to size.

Brass steel guitar pick (Dunlop Teckpick)
Gold-tone leaf, stainless-steel, glass bicone and plastic beads,
Howlite carved skull beads; black and ivory
Guitar string and ball ends and stainless-steel wire
Faux suede cord (flat), 5mm, with sliding knot – adjustable
Fit: 13” in diameter, medium (size area to fit head)
(A lot of love, time and determination!)