Bolt Onto Bowie Earrings


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It’s no secret that David Bowie is our biggest inspiration, transitioning through various alter egos and continually reinventing himself as a master of art, music, film and fashion. So, of course, we constantly pay homage to this enigmatic icon in as many ways as possible.

Mismatched and ready to mingle, these earrings are designed for the ultimate Bowie fan in mind. In one ear you can hear the unforgettable 1977 lyrics of a couples’ love by the Berlin Wall in Heroes – an officially licensed Perri’s guitar pick as the full-on Hero. And in the other, you will hear the countdown commence to his glam-rock roots with a roughly finished vinyl lightning bolt.

The concept of the lightning bolt was Bowie’s own idea as a depiction of his split personality. On one hand, he was a star, known for saying ‘I’m an instant star, just add water’. Yet, at the same time, he believed his persona was cracked; his deep-rooted fear of looming failure had always plagued him. But oh how wrong he was!

Just one pair available!

Vinyl lightning bolt (up-cycled) 3.75” in length
‘Heroes’ album art guitar pick (officially licensed by Perri’s)
Stainless-steel earring hooks