Tinto Brass Suede Necklace


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Industrial cool yells out in this unique and edgy necklace. A stand-out and durable design that’s hand made using jet-black suede cord to create a steam-punk style statement piece.

The textures of stainless steel and suede come together with double-stranded suede roughly knotted at centre stage to form the ultimate backdrop for a brass Dunlop Teckpick to shine. Two large stainless-steel ball beads and oversized jump rings deliver an extra touch of cool to this unique necklace, which secures with stainless-steel lobster clasp.

Black suede cord
Dunlop Teckpick brass steel guitar pick
Two stainless-steel ball beads
Stainless-steel rings
Stainless-steel lobster clasp
Fit: 23.5” in length